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Welcome to Mr. Gen Wish List

Welcome to the Mr. Gen Wish List blog. My name is Tina Lyons and this blog will be a companion website to my other genealogy blog Gen Wish List. At Gen Wish List, I blog about my own ancestors and general genealogy topics. On the Mr. Gen Wish List blog, I’ll be blogging about my husband’s ancestors.

My husband’s family tree has its roots in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. His ancestors came to Toledo from many of the northern counties in Ohio. His family also has been found in Montgomery County and Butler County, Ohio. Beyond Ohio, his ancestors came from Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, England, Ireland, Scotland and Germany. You can see more details about his ancestors on the Surname tab above.

The goal of this new blog is to write one post each week about one of the family groups in his family tree. Then I will add documents and other information about that family over the course of the week. So far I have written about two of his families. The first was the family of Lewis ZIRGER and Regina DANNEMILLER. I included the passenger list for the family in another post. The second family was George HAUSMANN and Victoria ZIRGER and I also added their death certificates.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has connection to my husband’s family tree. Please email me at and we can collaborate.