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Nicholas Dienst and Barbara Unsicker Family

Nicholas Dienst was born circa 1800 in Germany. He immigrated to Canada where he married Barbara Unsicker. Barbara was a widow with 2 small children, Lewis and Daniel, who were raised by their step-father and used his surname. She was born 28 August 1807 in Germany

Nicholas and Barbara moved from Canada to Cleveland, Ohio to Sandusky County, Ohio to Lucas County, Ohio before settling in Wood County, Ohio circa 1847. Barbara died 30 Nov 1854 and was buried in Portage Cemetery in Wood County, Ohio.

Nicholas married 2nd the probable widow Rebecca Hews or Hughes. Rebecca was born circa 1802 in Connecticut.

Nicholas Dienst and Barbara Unsicker had 7 children:

  1. Jacob Dienst born circa 1839 in Canada and died 29 May 1862 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
  2. Elizabeth Dienst born circa 1840 in Ohio. She was said to have married Rufus Sumner and lived in Trumbull County, Ohio, but no record has been found.
  3. Nicholas Dienst born 29 March 1841 in Ridgeville, Ashland County, Ohio and died 1 October 1915 in Bucyrus, Ohio. He married 1st Rebecca Houseley (1841-1883) and 2nd Mrs. Kate Shaw (1843-1896). They lived in Wood County, Ohio.
  4. Barbara Dienst (1844-1914) married John Wesley Jones (1836-1912). They lived in Akron, Ohio.
  5. Andrew Dienst (circa 1845-1918) married 1st Lizzie R Harris (1847 – ?) and 2nd Anna E J Jannasch (circa 1848 – ?). He lived in Kansas, Missouri and Michigan.
  6. John Dienst (circa 1848 – 1929) married Frances E Dayton (1854-1910). They lived in Kansas.
  7. Henry Dienst (circa 1850 – 1920) married 1st Malvina Trefoy or Trefry (1858-1884), 2nd Emily Harsham, 3rd Jennie L Brown and 4th Vernon Rose Green. He lived in Michigan.

Barbara Unsicker’s children from 1st marriage:

  1. Lewis Dienst (1834-1905) married Elizabeth Shaffer (1836-1915). They lived in Wood County, Ohio.
  2. Daniel Dienst (circa 1837 – ?) said to have moved near Lincoln, Platte County, Nebraska, but no record has been found.

 Sons Jacob, Nicholas, Andrew, John and Henry all served in the Civil War.

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